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Experience How GOOD You Can Feel with Neurofeedback!

Start your journey TODAY towards more CALM, JOY, CLARITY, 





Brain Spa Northwest offers state-of-the-art brain training services, including the internationally acclaimed NeurOptimal® protocol, in a serene, nurturing setting.  Our practitioners are experienced, compassionate, kind and knowledgeable.  We value our clients and feel grateful to be able to walk alongside them on their journey to a healthier, happier life!

We believe in the promise that Neurofeedback holds for EVERYONE, because we have experienced great benefits for ourselves and have witnessed amazing, life-changing gains for hundreds of clients!  That's why we strive to make this cutting-edge service easily available and as affordable as possible.

We are located within the Living Well Community Health space, in the Southwest Hills of Portland, Oregon.  The clinic space is warm, spa-like, nurturing, and inviting.  We work with all ages and it is our standard of care to make sure every client feels heard, supported and cared for.  

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Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Neurofeedback?

It can help with

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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are epidemic in our society. Neurofeedback can help navigate these debilitating symptoms and works hand-in-hand with other therapies.

Chronic Fatigue 

Neurofeedback tends to be very calming to the Central Nervous System  and chronic fatigue is one of many symptoms that we often see subside.

Image by Mehrpouya H
Sleep Disorders

Did you know know Neurofeedback is used in sleep clinics? Clients often find that they are sleeping better, after only a few sessions.

Sleeping Baby
ADHD and Focus Issues

Children and adults who struggle with ADD/ADHD often benefit from Neurofeedback. It is a safe and natural

drug-free alternative. 


Could you use more CALM in your life? Neurofeedback can make a difference!

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Who Can Benefit from Neurofeedback?

Anyone with a brain! Neurofeedback is widely used by athletes, artists, executives and students to reach their peak in performance. It is used to help address trauma and to aid in the relief of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms and suffering. Our brains have amazing capabilities and Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge tool that gives the brain the information it needs and craves to work on our behalf. How can Neurofeedback help you? Let's find out! 

And SO Much More!

Including symptoms of concussion, adrenal fatigue, tinnitus, seizure disorders, migraines, brain fog, addiction, TBI, and PTSD!

Because our Neurofeedback allows your brain to make all of the decisions about change, ANYTHING the brain governs (and that's EVERTHING) has the potential to be changed and corrected. Pretty exciting stuff!


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"A friend referred me to Brain Spa NW and I am so thankful that she did! I am sleeping better, thinking clearer, and feeling calmer than ever!"

Mia A.


"I wanted a natural, medication-free way to address my son's ADHD and that is what we found in NeurOptimal at Brain Spa. The staff are great with kids, my son loves the sessions, and we have seen SO much improvement."

Denise T.


"As an athlete, focus is everything. I've noticed that Neurofeedback has radically helped my tennis game and I'm noticing that I have much greater focus in everyday life."

Mark K.

Please Contact Us. We'd Love to Help.

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Tuesday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm

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1820 SW Vermont St., Suite F

Portland, OR  97219

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